Friday, September 27, 2013

"how to" organize: using small spaces efficently

happy friday!
today is the start of one of my new blog themes!
"how to"
right now i am going to focus on organizing!
one of my favorite things!

this new segment will not be a ...
'you have to do it my way or your doing it wrong'
it's simply me sharing how my life goes!
it's simply me sharing what works for me!

in saying that .. here we go (!)
i want to share a couple things that have helped me when organizing in small spaces.
i am 100% speaking from experience and how i live right now!
one of the most helpful things for me when organizing is bins/boxes/baskets.
my family makes fun of me big time for the amount of bins i have!
i have been deemed "the bin lady"!
using every space in a room is key.
depends how your closet is, but in mine there is complete wasted space high up
... use it!
one thing i like to do is have my summer clothes seperate from my winter/fall clothes.
to do this ... i use bins :)
i know it's kind of simple but its a huge help!
and storing that way up hight in your closet .. out of the way
but completely accesible.

next: 6 month rule
we all have those clothes that we like but we don't wear
or we just hold on to them "just in case"
here's to stopping that!

i put aside those clothes (in yet another bin .. i know i'm crazy!)
and if i don't think about those clothes, look for those clothes, or want those clothes
after 6 months they go directly into a bag and off to salvation army
i don't even look at them when i put them in the bag

do you have any 'small space' tips that have worked for you?
i love the feedback and trying new things!

much love, b


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