Wednesday, September 11, 2013

4 month planning

Why does writting come so hard?
some days i just want to sit and write and blog
but my life isn't interesting
what could i possibly write about that anyone would be interested in?
this is what i sit here contemplating
i think "oh i'll just start writting and all sorts of things will come to mind"
but no the complete opposite happens
so then i think
why have a blog?
i need something that will keep me and whomever may read this
somewhat interested!
so ... i'm revamping my blog
it's going to take a commitment from me
because what i plan to put forward
is going to make me research and prepare!
do i have what it takes to actually come up with enough interesting things
to talk about and write about?
i don't know!
is it worth a try?
so it's going to take some trial and error on my part
but i'm going to come up with some themes
and hopefully i can stick with my new "blog plan"
(which even includes a blog binder and calendar .. !!)
so here we go!
so my sister came up with something that's really been helping me
i'm going to share with you today the idea of
i don't know if anyone else has this problem
but it seems, for me, that i have all these dreams and goals
and i write them down but nothing really gets accomplished
alot of people do the new years resolution thing
but honestly who actually follows through the entire year with that list of goals?!
i never do!
so what sarah has shared with me is this:
3 times a year, every 4 months
sit down and write your goals, dreams, accomplishments
it's neat to look after those 4 months to see what you had written down previously
i think the benefit of making shorter term goals is:
1. your less overwhelmed and goals are more attainable -- in the sense that 4 months seems more tangible than lets say an entire year.  maybe one goal will be repearted every 4 months but that's ok.  as long as your working towards it.  it takes time sometimes to accomplish these things but if you give yourself a time line, in this case 4 month periods, it somehow is less overwhelming.
2. see more results -- i've seen myself get to way better places since doing this.  i've accomplished more things.  i work better when i have a time limit to do something.  not everyone is like this, but for me i've been less discouraged seeing where i was 4 months ago to today.  that in itself is an accomplishment!
3. you still have long term goals -- as i will show you with this "plan" you can still have long term goals, but not everything you want to do is a long term goal.
when sarah first sat down with me to do this, she gave me some ideas of how to 'catergorize' my goals.  these work for me and i sometimes add something new or change it around, i've just customized it to work for me personally.  not everyone has the same goals/dreams, so personalize and customize what works for you!
some of the catergories i have are:
this year ... dec
to come ... 6+ mos.
to do
to learn
to dream
this year ... dec:
these are my 4 month goals.
(sept-dec, jan-apr, may-aug)
september, january and may all seem like months that new things happen
september -- summer is finished and life kinda gets back to normal
january -- new year! still a resolution thing :)
may -- winter is finally over, seems like a natural beginning again!
to come ... 6+ mos:
these are my longer term goals.
to do:
this is where i put specific things i want to do in the next 4 mos.
to learn:
there is always something to learn, i put it here.
to dream:
things that may not be tangible for me right not, i put here.
further to my catergories i have specific things i think about when writting my goals/dreams
i think about personally, finacially, musically, physically, spiritually, career-wise, organizing
what do i want to do with those things in mind.
i am in no way saying this is how everyone should plan their life or set things out but it's something that i have been doing and something that works for me!
apart of my revamping ... every 4 months, i'm going to give you a glimpse of
what my goals are,
what i may have accomplished,
a new dream.

over the next 4 months a few things that i want to accomplish are:
-paying most of my debt off
-having a work out routine
-planning a trip for 2014
-working towards moving out into my own place (!)
-making this blog something i love
-weekly blog posts

i have yet to decide a name for this blog theme!
it will come, as with the rest of all my ideas jammed in my head!

i would love to hear what your goals/dreams may be
what you're working towards!

much love, b

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  1. yay! i love this!!

    set your mind to sonething, and i know you'll see the fruit...sometimes in ways that exceed your own expectations/abilities. sometimes in ways that take you a different direction all together. either way, it's inspiring!