Monday, October 21, 2013

21 things girls in their 20s should have

i LOVE this!
21. ability to feed yourself on a daily basis
20. a bathing suit you feel grerat in
19. a license
18. functional famiy relationships
17. the ability to laugh at yourself
16. ice cream in your freezer in case of emergency
15. money you've earned
14. a favorite movie that's not the notebook
13. if you're going with gosling, at least say blue valentine
12. comfort in your own skin
11. common sense on social media
10. the ability to be woken by an alarm
9. friends you adore
8. a supportive bra and motivation to exercise once a week
7. an interview outfit
6. awarness of your country's political situation
5. someone to drunk text
4. a signature dance move
3. savings for a dream trip
2. a gynecologist
1. self awarness
here's to our 20's!
much love, b

all credits to buzz feed

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