Friday, July 6, 2012

the small things

it's crazy that sometimes the smallest things can make you smile on a really awful day!  

yesterday was once again a terrible day ...

i should give some back story first ...

in the last couple months a few big things have happened.  i quit my job 2 months ago, since then i have been job hunting.  job hunting in calgary has to be one of the most frustrating, discouraging, & disheartening things one must go through.  i'm sure there are worse things to go through ... but this is pretty terrible.  all i can do at this point though is try and stay positive and hope that there is something out there waiting for me! 

mid may jesse came back from school!  he finished 4 years at IMI graduating with a bachelor degree.  i couldn't be more proud of my little brother!  he has come so far and has grown so much ... i am one very proud sister!  since then he got a job with BMO bank ... you never cease to amaze me jesse!  

3 weeks ago our whole family changed ... i became auntie, jesse and derek became uncles, mommy and daddy became grandma and pepere, sarah became mommy and matt became daddy ...

Judah West was introduced to us on June 13, 2012!  he is one of the most adorable, lovable, precious little boys!  another "proud sister" moment ... sarah my oh so beautiful sarah ... how do i even tell you how proud i am of you!  

so back to my ... small things can turn your day around ... my nephew ... 

yesterday was one of "those" days.  all sarah said to me was "do you need a cuddle with juju?" and i got the biggest smile on my face!  i didn't think i could love one lil guy so much ... he really is the love of my life (for now :)) 

  how can that NOT bring a smile to your face :)

looking forward to so many more beautiful days with my juju bug!


  1. he really has changed our family ... for good :) judah is lucky to have such a beautiful auntie (in & out) just like you. i'm proud to have YOU as mi German!!

    keep that chin up.


    sarah nadine

  2. time for another update! Let's hear about some beautiful days ;)