Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Legally Blonde

The last couple months have been difficult ... Hard to find something to be thankful for ... Hard to find something to be happy about ... Hard to not feel like I have failed. 

About a month ago I decided that I have to let go and let God.  My plans don't go very far if I'm only trusting me.  And it took me a couple weeks to actually believe what I was saying ... And it was as if in the moment I decided that things began to change.

Today I got the most exciting news ... Something I have been waiting for for a long time ... I am officially "Legally Blonde"!!  I got offered a position at a law firm as a legal assistant!  My world feels like it's been put upside down in the best way possible ... Something I could have never imagined happened! 

I looked up the definition of being thankful:

thankful: feeling of expressing gratitude: appreciation

I am beyond thankful right now.

- my family -- who has been beyond supportive.  
- an opportunity -- someone sees potential and wants to give me a chance
- my friends -- who have also been supportive & incredibly encouraging
- God -- who never left me or forsaked me even when I turned away

I'll be honest and say I haven't been in this mood this whole time ... since I left my job at the spa. Lots of people have probably been effected by my "not so positive" attitude ... It hasn't been easy for me or those around me.  But I will say that I've learned ALOT from this whole time/experience.  I won't look back and say "oh that was nothing" I'll look back and see how much I've learned and how much I've grown and gained.  

I'm not only writting this because I got the "sister talk" tonight ... Sarah told me I had to have a "Thankful" post so she could hear in my own words how I'm doing and what I'm learning ... but also because I need to hear it from me!  This is the one of the many things I love about Sarah!  She pushes me to be better .. sometimes I hate it ... but when I look back and see why she pushes me and what I get accomplished when I am pushed ... all I see are good things.  Like the first time she tried to push me to curl my eyelashes (I was not happy!) or how she just wanted me to read.  I look back, yes these are small things and things we laugh about now, but I LOVE having my lashes curled and I LOVE reading!  I wouldn't be where I am today if she didn't push me!   The last couple months, not only Sarah, but my family and friends have pushed me ... pushed me because they believe in me and know that there IS a plan for me.  It only took me a little longer to see and agree with them.  

I beat myself up for far to long and I'm now ready to start looking at me in a whole new way!  Not only because of this job but starting to see the whole picture.  Waiting is hard to do ... but aren't all the hard things in life the most rewarding?!  I sure think so!  

So here is to:

a brand new beginning

a brand new job

a brand new brittany

a brand new look on life

I can't wait to see whats next ... I won't say waiting is my new favorite thing, but its definetly not the worse thing that one can go through, especially when the results are rewarding!

So ... if your reading this ... I know, in some way you have supported me and I know you will continue too ... Thank you!  I am so blessed & grateful for you!

I am ... Legally Blonde
And this is my journey




  1. way to mark this milestone...
    way to be honest...
    way to be persistant...
    way to leap even though you've been scared...
    way to go, brittany!!!

    love you so muchly and am proud of you, in more "ways" than one.


  2. so many congrats pretty lady! so excited as you take this next step and see where it leads you! xoxo