Friday, February 3, 2012

letting go

This week I did some major mental "cleaning".

Almost a year ago
Someone I cared about
Someone I trusted
Someone who made me happy
Broke my heart
He was the first person I really cared about.

Something amazing happened the other day though.
After almost a year of trying to find something or someone to make me happy
I decided to just 'let go' of the past.
In that moment of deciding that the most incredible thing happened 
I felt happy!

I am smiling
without faking it
I can laugh
without faking it
I am me again
without faking it!!! 

I feel good about ME!

I honestly didn't think I could just be happy
without something
without a catch
but no
I can be truthful and say
I'm happy!!
I don't need anything to be happy
I can just be happy.

Happiness isn't a something
it's a mind set.

But I most definitely didn't get to this conclusion on my own
This was a change of heart
God has been working in me
And preparing me to be able to let go.
By the grace of God
I am rediscovering ME!

1 comment:

  1. That's so encouraging! And, very true... happiness is a mindset. A decision. Thanks for sharing, girl! <3