Monday, April 19, 2010

a start of something new

so i was convinced by sarah and sara to start blogging.  i told them i had nothing interesting to ramble about and they said, it will just come to you!  so here i sit, waiting for the blogging to 'come to me'!  all i have to say is, linda its your turn now!
starting something new is always scary.  starting school last february was scary but moving back home was scary too because i had never moved home!  but i realize that you can't get anywhere in life without starting somewhere.  i always say i don't like meeting new people, because 'its scary'!  starting a blog, well thats scary too!  all to say, as my birthday is around the corner my family asked me, what are your goals?  of course i don't have any, but maybe i'll start doing new things!  like actually scrapbooking and traveling! who knows what this year has in store for me, all i know is i'm here and i have to enjoy every moment because i am not promised tomorrow!

i am a butterfly in a cocoon waiting for the hole to get a little bigger so i can emerge and show my beautiful new wings to the world ... watch out ... here i come!


  1. I think you are the most beautiful butterfly already! And sooooooooooooooo excited that you have started a blog. YEAH LINDA! It's your turn now.
    I can't wait to see all the thoughts that are Brittany!

  2. awww thanks sara!!! you are most beautiful yourself!!! i'm pretty excited too!! we really need to get on linda's case now!!
    i'm excited to see my thoughts too!!
    love ya <3

  3. I like new beginnings, fresh starts ... though, just like Sara said, you're already BOO-tiful!! Looking forward to seeing the creative juices flowing :)

  4. hehe.. aww Cameo. ive actually been blogging for awhile, but ive been accused of being a "flogger".. a fake blogger... im officially on board ladies..lets motivate eachother to blog more often..!?! er.. actually. motivate ME.. cause you seem to be doing fine lol. we will keep it "real" together ;)