Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Perfect World

We have all thought this:
"in a perfect world I would ..."
"in a perfect world I would be ..."
"in a perfect world ..."
But what is a perfect world? Well ... it's fictional right?
So what world do we live in? 
 If we are constantly wondering what could be instead of focusing on what is, we are creating a thought pattern for ourselves that end up getting us out of where we are and wondering something that isn't or ever will be. 
I'm not saying not to dream ... but if I am constantly thinking "perfect world" or the "perfect situation" I'm 100% setting myself up for disappointment or failure.  So, how then do I get myself out of a "what if" kind of thinking into a "this is" kind of thinking? 
None of us are perfect in anyway ... we are human.  So why do we have this standard of living up to perfect? We will constantly be viewing ourselves as failing then.
There's nothing wrong with striving to do your best ... but there's a huge difference in being and doing your best and being perfect.

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