Sunday, January 9, 2011

most difficult day of the week

so as soon as sunday hits, every week, i get super depressed.  i work 9-5 every sunday, which means i miss church, i miss seeing my friends, i miss worshiping with my church famiily ... most difficult thing i have to do all week.  BUT i've been doing this devotional since christmas and its talking alot about joy and being in THIS moment.  its been so good for me ... and today as i sit here getting ready to work i'm finding it really hard today.  so i'm going in today with this as my prayer:

I can find JOY in every circumstance
I will reJOYce in THIS moment
I find rest where there is JOY
GOD is my JOY!!

hope you can find JOY today!! 



  1. yes ... I missed you too!!

    thanks for the reminder, to live today and love today...