Thursday, November 11, 2010

goals, routines, crazy people & secrets

wow its been awhile ... but i'm gonna get y'all caught up with me in this post!

i have made some big goals for my self in the last couple months - here they are, in no particular order
>  growing closer to God in a more personal and intimate way
>  lose 10 pounds by christmas
>  keeping a job for more than 6 months :)
>  meeting new people
>  going to a bible study
>  planning a trip for next year (greece?, australia?, fiji?, italy?, france?)

routines ... so sarah will laugh at me because she thinks its funny when i get into little routines and have to write EVERYTHING down .. ok maybe i am a little crazy, BUT i feel like i do much better when my life is in order, as much as i can ... When really in the end life never goes the way i want or the way i think it will ... but its perfect in God's eyes.  Thats a huge thing that i'm learning right now, I can't control ANYTHING ... so why do i try to make everything perfect and have everything in order?!

so ... i quit my job at stillwater spa ... i start at riverside spa on tuesday!  i can't tell you how much of a relief it was when i woke up this morning, i now know i made the right decision in leaving ... but i didn't leave without getting a few good stories out of my job ... thats where the crazy people & secrets part comes in!!

people seem to feel like they can share ANYTHING and EVERYTHING when they are at the spa ... it keeps the job interesting, but every once in a while you get crazy people who come in and tell you their secrets, or some people make it so obvious that they are hiding things ... the truth ALWAYS comes out!!  clients share everything from having affairs to people they can't stand to telling you they are pregnant, one month in.  i'm waiting for the day when a client talks about someone and i know who they are!!  never a dull moment at the spa!

i sometimes wonder why i love what i do ... with having clients who drive me up the wall and having back pain ... BUT when i get a client who has AW-FUL feet and i make them look beautiful and soft, i then realize, THIS is why i love what i do!!


  1. You ARE a routine Maker ... while I am the routine Breaker!! Yet, being created so differently, we both still bring some very interesting stories to the table :) I happen to like your story .. every bit of it. Crazy people, secrets, goals, and routines alike ...


  2. I am a routine taker AND a breaker once tired of that routine, I go in search of a new one. ^_^
    I also happen to like your story!
    always xoxo