Sunday, July 25, 2010

question ... thought ...

So i need some feed back ... does this make sense?!

"We need humility in order to have perserverance."

I was reading James 1 last night & only got through half of the chapter because I got hung up on the whole perservere part.  We will all go through trials but we need to perservere in order to mature and be complete.  BUT then when you keep reading it talks about doubting ... we will not receive anything from doubt. Thats when faith steps in.  Faith in God gives us the ability to perservere during those rough times.  Then James continues by stating that you must be humble when in a high position.  This is where i come up with my statement:  We need humility in order to have perserverance. Once we perservere through these times we will have passed the test and receive eternal life. 

Feedback would be great!!!!


  1. Faith in Him gives us that gift of eternal life ... nothing that we can "attain" to will reward us of such awesome eternity! I think when we persevere through life's kicks, we gain a stronger faith which will give us a readiness for the next rough patch and really show us that we can't do it alone, EVER!! In other words, that humility you wrote of.

    Love that you are seeking His ultimate truth ... He will speak as you continually pursue His intervention and wisdom.


  2. Interesting post Brittany! Hmm, let’s see. In terms of James reminding to be humble in a high position, it's typically true that the higher you reach the more luxury you will receive. But luxury how? From a corporate perspective, more vacation, more money, more "friends", more responsibility, and more overall fame. I would say that these are more earthly presents for us to enjoy but these presents alone cannot sustain our strength to persevere. But I believe the person who is content in his life and his gifts from God; while being full of faith will persevere regardless of the earthly gifts he receives or not receives.

    Good for you in seeking His ultimate truth, as Sarah put it! ^_^